Film: 'World Trade Center'


Film showcases American spirit

by Ray Baxter, Senior reviewer

The title of the new Oliver Stone movie, "World Trade Center," could mislead one into thinking it will be a recap of the events leading up to and including the aftermath of 9/11. Perhaps this is the reason the initial box office receipts for "World Trade Center" were disappointingly low. It is this columnist's suggestion that with the Middle East war stories and uncovered terrorist plots that have permeated the news in recent days, many Americans may have reached their threshold for bad news, and opted to be entertained at their local movie house this past weekend.

The reality is "World Trade Center" presents a positive and uplifting story about what is good in this country.

It's the true story of two New York / New Jersey Port Authority policemen, John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno (played by Nicolas Cage and Michael Pena respectively). McLoughlin and Jimeno rush into one of the burning towers only to become completely trapped and seriously injured.

The movie moves back and forth seamlessly between the trapped cops and their anxious families waiting at home for news. The dialogue between Cage and Pena is entrancing as you easily sense each is keeping the other alive.

Not to be missed are the title cards at the end of the movie reminding us all in a personal way of how much was lost on that horrific day.

It left me wondering ...

by Ashlei Sockrider, Teen reviewer

The movie World Trade Center is based on true events, it revolves around the 9/11 attacks on America. It follows the journey of two Port Authority officers stuck in the debris and rubble of what is left of the twin towers.

The setting is in the corridors between the two towers. Both of the buildings collapsed onto the corridor. Families are panicking knowing that their loved ones might not come home.

It's a love story, a drama and a biography put together into one huge thriller. It is an intense tear-jerker that could possibly bring even the toughest men to their tissues.

The movie showcases how the people of America joined together on a very tough day. Even when everyone thought things couldn't get worse, hope prevails and the people of the world are brought together. We have to remember that this happened not too long ago; this movie is based on a historic, tragic event. This actually happened to us, it still remains a part of history. Times were tough and it shows the struggle of what people went through following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

It left me wondering what the real people are doing right now, and how their families are. How did things change? Answers to questions only they know. I'm sure it scares or makes them sad to talk about it, but I hope some day that we'll get to find out. We could get their point of view, and maybe make a biography on them and what they experienced.

Nicolas Cage, who plays the character of John McLoughlin, and Michael Pena, who plays Will Jimeno, did exceptional jobs in this movie. The actors in "World Trade Center" make the movie come alive. It almost gives you the sense that you were there with them. When they cry, you want to cry; when they were happy, you wanted to jump for joy and smile. Director Oliver Stone did an amazing job. The effects make it seem like you are seeing things as they happen, almost like live broadcast. There were a few times in the movie where I had to turn away because it got too real for me. I could actually feel what they felt. I highly recommend this movie to everyone -- of all ages.

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