Passion For Paper Created Card Crafter


Making scrapbooks and memory albums using photos, journaling, framing, a variety of paper and embellishments has been going strong for at least 10 years. While the art of card making cannot be attributed to the scrapbook craze, it certainly gave it a renewed vitality.

Teddy Cohen has been scrapbooking for about a year, but her passion for paper has made her a fan of card making. She gets ideas, tips, supplies and learns techniques at Paper and Metal Scrappers, 804B N. Beeline Highway, Payson, in the Swiss Village Shops.


Teddy Cohen joined the world of scrapbooking and card making a little more than a year ago and is a regular workshop participant at Paper and Metal Scrappers in the Swiss Village Shops.

"Every other month we have a swap," she said of one of her favorite events. "There are three groups of 10. We each make 10 cards based on the same theme and then exchange them. Seeing other people's concepts of the theme is fascinating and so much fun, and you go home with 10 new cards."

In addition to workshops and classes, the shop also hosts a "crop" party one Friday night a month and multi-day retreats twice a year. The crop parties and retreats provide a large block of uninterrupted time for fans of scrapbooking, card making and assorted associated hobbies to focus on their projects.

"My husband calls them Friday night crop circles," Cohen said.

Cohen said she has always loved paper. It was her favorite part of art class as a child. "When I was an elementary teacher I loved cutting out the letters (for my bulletin boards and other displays). There are so many different colors and textures."

She is also supporting a female-led industry, she said. It is an industry that has "exploded."

Evidence of the industry's vitality is the fact that Payson has two scrapbook stores, Paper and Metal Scrappers in the Swiss Village and Homespun Memories on Main Street, plus a number of independent home-based businesses selling scrapbooks, papers and supplies.

Cohen has a home workroom devoted to her hobby, "With way too much stuff," she said. "I usually bring it up to the dining room table."

Her favorite papers are card stock with texture, she also likes watercolor paper.

During the year she has been pursuing her hobby, Cohen said one of the most difficult projects was something called "a magic card."

"All you could see was the word ‘thanks' and a little tag. You pulled the tag and the card opened up into a bouquet of flowers. There is no way I could do that again without Brenda (Martel, co-owner of Paper and Metal Scrappers) walking me through it."

She said the projects she enjoys the most are actually the scrapbook page contests. Participants are given the supplies to take home and create a scrapbook page using their own photos. "There are papers and colors you might never see for a page, so it's a lot of fun," Cohen said.

She has high praise for Martel and co-owner Barbara Wilembrecht. "There is always a new concept or new product, it's never static. I always leave elated, feeling girly and friendly. No two people work as hard as Brenda and Barbara."

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