This Week's Review


Welcome to the redesigned Rim Review.

Teresa McQuerrey, Autumn Phillips and I are excited about the new magazine feel of our publication.

We want you to pick up your free copy of The Rim Review each Wednesday and peruse Starting Point and Rim Planner pages to find out what is available to do and see on any given weekend in town or around the state.

We've doubled the puzzles for your enjoyment, adding a second crossword and a Sudoku puzzle for anyone who can't get enough of this latest puzzle craze.

We have a hobby page, written each week by Teresa McQuerrey, which explores the way we fill our time. Each article includes instructions for getting started in case you want to try the hobby profiled.

We have a film page that features two reviewers, a teen and a senior citizen, weighing in with their different perspectives.

The Rim Country brims with artistic talent, so each week a talented artist or musician will be profiled.

We've given an entire page to our photographer, Jason Pettifield, to run photo essays of life in Rim Country.

Creating a better Rim Review has been a lot of work, but we think it is full of reasons for you to pick it up.

It is available Wednesdays at area newsstands.

Let me know what you think.

E-mail me, Carol La Valley, at or call 474-5251 ext. 122.

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