A Public Thank You To Bob Edwards



I wanted to publicly thank Mayor Bob Edwards for the time and effort he has spent in bringing The Door Stop and the homeowners who are suing us, back to the negotiating table.

Bringing the Hatfields and McCoys to the bargaining table would have been easier than arranging this meeting, but Mayor Edwards did arrange the meeting and then managed to keep the combatants focused on a common objective.

I didn't support Mr. Edwards for mayor and I can't say I agree with all of his positions, but I feel his handling of the airport industrial zone noise situation is both appropriate and professional and he has certainly earned my respect.

He brings a new perspective to a tired old dispute and his personal involvement could very possibly result in a resolution and avoid a prolonged court battle.

Like the agreements negotiated in the past, this one requires many plaintiffs to agree and could still fall through, but I appreciate his efforts and welcome his willingness to try and resolve a controversy that is hurting Payson's efforts to attract jobs to our community.

Jim Hill

President, The Door Stop

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