Democrats Are The True ‘Flip-Floppers'



I rarely write Letters to the Editor, but a response to the drivel recently espoused by Democrat Party Chairman Mark Reza needs to be made with real facts.

He accuses the President of "flip-flopping" when it is the Democrats who have "flip flopped." President Bush has remained true. In the late 1990s and into the 2000s, former co-presidents Bill and Hillary, and all the Democratic party icons like Kennedy, Kerry, Biden and Gore, publicly stated multiple times that Saddam had WMDs, and must be stopped, relying on the same intelligence that President Bush had available.

Every intelligence organization in the free world made the same assessment. Unfortunately, co-presidents Clinton gave Saddam eight years to hide his WMD while letting the "international community" (the anti-American UN) conduct "inspections" in only places where Saddam allowed them to go.

Now that we have found 500 warheads with enough poisonous gas to decimate every major city in the country, Mr. Reza equates it to a can of Drano under your sink, and there is increasing evidence that Saddam flew many flights with 747s into Syria full of WMDs just prior to our invasion. The WMD are still there.

Unfortunately, almost 3,000 of our finest -- the young men and women in uniform who keep the war over there, rather than here -- have died. I would remind Mr. Reza that more than that died in one day at Normandy, defending us from the last fascist who tried to take over the world.

He whines about drug and gas prices, while the President's Medicare bill has cut costs for seniors, and gas prices are set by the free market, over which the President has no control.

Mr. Reza claims that President Bush has "destroyed our military," "dismantled our Constitution" and created "huge debt." On the contrary, President Bush has rebuilt our military forces that the co-presidents Clinton tried to destroy, and has taken us from the recession that he inherited from the Clintons to an unprecedented period of economic growth. Due to the President's tax cuts, the deficit is shrinking rapidly, even with funding the war. He has appointed judges that will reinforce the Constitution rather than left-wingers who try to rewrite it.

It's time for Mr. Reza to try to find a real job, and for the people to tune out the left wing cartel of ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN, and watch FOX News, where you get the whole story.

Dale Oestmann


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