Kidnapping And Assault Of Teenage Girl Under Investigation


The Gila County Sheriff's Office is investigating a possible kidnapping and rape after a woman claimed two men grabbed her from her home and sexually assaulted her on Doll Baby Ranch Road.

Gila County Detective Brian Havey said a 17-year-old girl told the GCSO that the men told her that she was going to do what they wanted her to do, just prior to being sexually assaulted.

The 17-year-old reported that after being raped, the two men tried to leave her, but she was able to get back in the vehicle.

The men, the girl said, let her out at the Payson sewer plant, and she then walked out to Highway 87 before contacting her parents.

The girl said the two suspects who she knew, were possibly Hispanic in their 20s.

"It's still under investigation," Havey said. "She believes she knew them in a roundabout way."

Havey said the girl had a cut lip and some bruising.

The GCSO detective said they are waiting for the results of the rape kit done by Scottsdale Healthcare, and detectives want to talk to the victim once again to gather more information.

Havey said there are some discrepancies the GCSO would like to clear up.

He added that there is a lot more investigation that needs to be done to determine if there was a rape and/or kidnapping.

The GSCO, he added, is currently looking at the claim as a legitimate one, but added the investigation of the case is far from complete.

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