Little Has Earned Her Place On The Bench



Choosing the right person at election time is an important, but often a difficult choice, when we have multiple candidates, such as the race for justice of the peace where each candidate has his or her own family members, friends and supporters who affirm that their candidate is the best person for the job.

Most of us really don't know what the job entails and fail to realize the importance of the position to our justice system. The justice of the peace requires availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for four years. The position is extremely complicated and technical and requires interpreting laws, statutes, applying appropriate court procedure protecting the rights of citizens, having good judgment, high moral character, exceptional people skills, supervisory skills, financial management skills and much more.

We need to look at our choices as if we were choosing a pilot who will be flying us around Rim Country everyday for the next four years. The position requires someone with as much practical experience and technical knowledge as a licensed pilot.

To use this analogy, Dorothy Little is an experienced licensed pilot with 14 years experience flying airplanes and five years working in airplanes.

If you use logic and this common sense approach, the choice is clear. Judge Dorothy Little is a winner hands-down, and is the best qualified with her 14 years on the bench, a total of 19 years in the Payson court system. She has more than earned her place on the bench.

John T. Huffman


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