Los Lonely Boys Relax At Roosevelt



Recreational fishing, whether saltwater or freshwater, is a good way to unwind from the pressures of the everyday world of making a living.

On Friday afternoons, there is the great migration of thousands of families from the Valley to the cool Rim Country to camp out and fish at their favorite lake or stream.


Los Lonely Boys Jojo, Henrique and Ish joined local fishing guides Jon Gunzel and Clifford Pirch (not pictured) for a fishing outing at Roosevelt Lake.

Having finished their workweek, they are ready for the great escape from the 8 to 5 job.

Over the past year, I have observed that even in the high-profile jobs of corporate CEOs, professional athletes and entertainers, there is something about having a rod and reel in hand at a favorite fishing spot that allows a person to relax from the pressures of having to produce.

That is why fishing is one of the fastest growing recreational activities in the United States.

This past week, my son Clifford Pirch, received a phone call from the business manager of a band out of Texas called Los Lonely Boys wanting to schedule a two-day fishing trip to Roosevelt Lake for bass.

They had organized their musical tour in the West so that they could sample the bass fishing at Roosevelt Lake prior to their two-night performance at the Dodge Theater in Phoenix. Because two boats were necessary to accommodate the five fishermen, another local guide, Jon Gunzel, also assisted in the two-day fishing trip.

For the Los Lonely Boys, the getaway to Roosevelt Lake and the excellent bass fishing was the perfect escape from the entertainment business and the spotlight even if it was only for a short time.

By the way, I asked both Clifford and Jon if these guys could fish and both guides said they were very accomplished with a bait caster in their hands and caught a lot of fish.

Even though they are widely known and popular, playing before thousands with a platinum recording of their popular song "Heaven," they are very normal when it comes to getting away from their busy world of entertainment.

As they stopped by The Tackle Box, questions were: "Are the fish biting?" and "How can we catch them today?"

They are planning a return visit to Roosevelt Lake very soon as a respite from their busy schedule.

No matter who you are, take a trip to your favorite "fishin' hole" and enjoy God's creation.

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