Now Is Time To Act On Highway Bypass



In the Payson Roundup, there was an article on the dangerous roads that we have in and around the Town of Payson. It was called ‘A mile-by-mile look at the most dangerous spots on our roads.'

The most troubling spots for highway accidents in the Payson area is the 10-mile southbound stretch of Highway 87 from Payson to Rye. According to statistics, there were 66 accidents on this roadway from July 2005 into July 2006.

The Department of Public Safety said there are many more dangerous areas in the county. The worst one-mile stretch of highway, where there were 18 accidents recorded in the past year, is known as Corvair Curve on Highway 87. This one-mile stretch, at milepost 247, is located well before the community of Rye when traveling southbound.

In the year 2005, inside Payson town limits, there were 413 accidents, 84 of which resulted in injuries. There were no fatalities in 2005.

Fatalities are much more common on the highways that officers from the Department of Public Safety patrol. From July 2005 to July 2006, DPS responded to 404 accidents in the Rim Country.

According to statistics, 269 of the accidents were on Highway 87 and another 135 were on Highway 260. Of those 407 accidents, there were 10 crashes that resulted in 12 deaths.

Seven were on Highway 87 with the other three happening on Highway 260. Four of the fatalities on Highway 87 involved motorcycles.

The Town of Star Valley, which encompasses a four-mile stretch of Highway 260, recorded the most collisions per mile at 7.5 during the one-year period.

On State Route 260, when taking Star Valley out of the equation, Kohl's Ranch was the most troubling spot with nine wrecks, with Preacher Canyon having the second most at six.

There were 125 accidents from Payson to Woods Canyon, which is a 30-mile stretch of roadway on Highway 260.

You know if we, the people, do not have a bypass traveling around Payson soon there will be more accidents. Every year, we have more traffic traveling through Payson and just in the year of 2005-2006 we have more accidents and deaths than there should be allowed. If we do not do something soon, and put a bypass around Payson, we will have more accidents than is noted in this article. My question is: Why has ADOT postponed putting a highway around Payson? If the Valley residents need to stop in Payson for supplies, and not travel too far in doing so, the people of Payson and Arizona need to know when this bypass will be in effect. We need to do something soon. We need to stop the deaths that are occurring on Highway 87 and Highway 260.

Please, let's do something very soon. I live in Star Valley and on weekends it is very scary traveling on highways 260 and 87. We that live in the area do need to travel to get supplies that we need at home. Even during the week, the streets are getting so busy that it is very scary when traveling in and around Payson.

Now is the time to get started, not 10 years from now.

Bob Baker

Star Valley

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