Stop Printing Letters By Radical Left Winger



How you can continue to print letters from this man Mark Reza is beyond me.

In my first letter, I referred to Fox News because they give both sides of a story. This went right over the man's head. I was attacked by Mr. Reza in apparently his normal liberal, hateful way, and told I should be reading the Constitution, and when the man from Strawberry defended my letter, now he is being attacked because his views are not the same as Reza's.

I am not alone. I know I am not the only red-blooded American who loves this country, supports our troops and the administration who is trying to keep our citizens safe and secure.

Because you don't hear us screaming and writing overbearing letters to our newspaper, does not mean we do not have a voice and we will be heard, and we will defend our views.

Why are you compelled to print these vicious letters of Reza's? Give your readers a break, please.

Letters like his are not informative, just the rhetoric of the extreme radical left wing who have taken over the Democratic Party.

Helen Rodgers


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