Visit To Payson Helped Raise Money For Troops



On Thursday, Aug. 3, I arrived in Payson to launch a campaign/fund-raiser for my organization, We Thank Our Troops, WTOT.

My longtime friend, a member of the community of Payson, a drive time on-air personality at KMOG, and the Payson Roundup travel correspondent, Ken Brooks, was my host during my six-day stay in Payson.

We Thank Our Troops is an organization that is dedicated to serving our nations troops, past and present. A key element of our mission is providing our troops that were wounded in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan with events that lift their spirit. By so doing, we bring camaraderie, fun, and laughter in the lives of men and women who are in long term treatment for the wounds received in the defense of freedom.

HydraBrush Express is a new toothbrush that revolutionizes the way we exercise our personal dental hygiene. For every HydraBrush Express sold during this campaign in Payson, We Thank Our Troops will receive $20 from each HydraBrush sold at the Apothecary Shop of Payson during this one-month promotion. Funds from this campaign will be used to provide our troops, just wounded in combat with "Emergency Care Packages" as they are prepared for MEDEVAC to hospital.

I extend my hand of thanks to your community for the very warm welcome I received by members of the public, clerks in retail stores, the service personnel in Payson area restaurants, and members of the business community who were very helpful in the fulfillment of my mission to Payson.

Special Thanks to; Ken Brooks of KMOG, and the Payson Roundup, Blain Kimball, General Manager of KMOG, Jan O'Neill, Marketing Consultant KMOG, Craig Matthews owner of The Apothecary Shop of Payson, and Julie Haught, advertising manager of the Payson Roundup.

Bob Zimmerman

San Diego, Calif.

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