What's Up: Does The Newspaper Pick And Choose What Letters To Print?


Q: I am disappointed that the letters to the editor were all about Dan Hill. I know that several letters have been written about the other two justice of the peace candidates, but I have not seen them published. Does the newspaper pick and choose what letters to print?

A: The Payson Roundup does not selectively hold any letters to the editor. All letters are published in the order they are received as long as they meet our published requirements for length and civility. During local elections, a letter bottleneck often occurs because of the sheer number of submitted letters. We currently have more than 50 letters waiting to be published. On many occasions, like in today's edition, we add additional opinion pages in order to print as many as possible. Sometimes a candidate will solicit letters from friends and relatives. Ultimately, we do our best to give all readers a fair and timely voice.

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