Who's Responsible For Mess At The Landmark?



Most people drive up to the Christopher Creek area to enjoy the beautiful scenery. These days, the beauty is marred by a sight we do not want in our community.

The Landmark went into foreclosure and someone has hung a banner on the building telling people where to go if you want to purchase this property. Why that same someone did not clean up the surrounding mess is a mystery to the residents who live here.


Trash was left around the empty Landmark Restaurant.

How can you advertise a business for sale and say it is worth every penny if it looks like this photo?

Someone needs to step up and take responsibility for this mess. I have received numerous calls from residents who live here wanting to know who they should call.

Someone has picked up the trash bin that was overflowing and next to this mess and that has helped somewhat, but not enough.

As I walked the property out front, some of this stuff seems to be going all over. I could see stuff down in the creek, and it seems like the animals are going through it. I did not walk around the back of the building that runs along the creek because it is private, but the area is wide open and residents think it should be closed off.

It seems no one is watching over this property and something needs to be done. Which leads me again to the question, "Who left this mess?"

I would think maybe the health department should get involved or maybe the bank that is holding the note.

As I spoke to some of the residents concerned they felt they should not go on the property to clean it because it is private property, and would not want to get in trouble. Which seems to be everyone's consensus.

Maybe if enough residents got involved and called the county supervisor we might get some help. Call (928) 474-2029.

Genealogy fair

I attended the genealogy fair at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Saturday evening and was given a large amount of information to help me locate some relatives, along with a Book of Remembrance, and it looks like I have my work cut out for me.

Around 40 people attended the fair and were given handouts about how to start family searches.

You can search online databases that contain over 957 million names from around the world. With this free service you can also access the Family History Library Catalog, download free genealogy software, and receive research assistance all from your home computer at www.familysearch.org or www.familysearch.org.

The United States Census is another way. They have been conducting a census every 10 years beginning in the year 1790 through the year 2000. There is every name index for all of the United States Census for 1850 through 1930, and it is available on www.ancestry.com.

The Northern Gila County Genealogy Society was on hand with some handouts and some very good information. They are open for research on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with volunteers available to help out. They will show you how to record and document your family history, and they are located at 302 E. Bonita in Payson. For more information, call (928) 474-2139.

Can you believe Labor Day is right around the corner? It is starting to feel like it. I actually turned on my fireplace the other day, although I think it was because we have had so much moisture it is starting to feel like back East, but we sure look green out here.

Big Brats

The Firebelles have been busy getting ready for their Big Brats barbecue along with a bake sale and ice cream social Saturday, Sept. 2, from 10 a.m. until all is sold out. Make plans not to cook that day and go down to the fire hall to have your lunch, some ice cream, and take home some goodies from the bake sale. The Firebelles are asking for baked goods for the sale. Get your ovens ready and help out by baking something for this sale. You can drop off your baked goods that morning before 10 a.m.

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