A Vote For Dorothy Little



Get your facts straight.

The author of a letter in the Aug. 11 edition of the Payson Roundup needs to get the facts straight.

This person sounds like someone who is pretty resentful of the judicial system, even the justice of peace.

My questions is: Have you met the current justice of peace? Maybe instead of listening to what other people have to say about the current justice of the peace, maybe you should meet her personally, you could have a different point of view. I looked into how the court system is generally run, and called the newspaper to ask how they got court records.

I sure found and learned a lot.

Some people who have had dealings with the judicial system may have not had a good experience, but that all comes with committing a crime and/or breaking laws, which can make them resentful. But there are certain guidelines that have to be met.

Even if one of the other candidates should win this election, they would have to follow those same guidelines. On the job training is not the only thing to learn. As far as "the cash court" goes, there are legislative laws that require the court to sentence individuals to mandatory fines. I got a form from the court that states the breakdowns of fines.

What a lot of people might think is that all the fines collected go to the court but, in reality, they go to a variety of different funds. As far as repeat offenders goes, they do the crime, they pay the fine and/or even the time. I would like to know how Dan Hill is going to handle it when a defendant comes before him with a repeat offense such as disorderly conduct. Is the defendant's sentence going to be a 1,500-word essay and a slap on the hand? If he is elected for this position, the Town of Payson will be disappointed because we will have a judge with no common sense.

Before you criticize the court system and/or the current justice of peace, you should get your facts straight. I know who I want for the justice of peace. I want someone with experience, knowledge, fairness, and of good moral character and who knows how to play by the rules.

Vote for Judge Little.

Lori Noggle, Payson

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