Advanced Choir Should Not Be Canceled



I am an eighth-grader at Rim Country Middle School, and I am in advanced choir. I have been in choir since before fourth grade. I also play piano. I have always been fascinated with the effect music has on other people.

Recently, I learned that the advanced choir class at R.C.M.S. is in danger of being canceled by the end of the semester. This is because we have only 16 students in our class. At the present time, there is a debate at our school concerning this issue. Some people feel that all choir classes at our school should be canceled because "it is a waste of time" or because we "don't actually play an instrument."

The truth is, we do play an instrument. Our voices are our instruments.

If our advanced choir is canceled, the school will put us back in beginning choir and we won't be able to sing challenging music. This is because the beginning and advanced choirs are on two totally different levels. One is still learning to read music, while the other not only knows how to read music, but also is able to sight read it and harmonize.

Middle school choir is the training ground to the choir students who will later be performing in the musical productions performed at Payson High School. These are the musicals that are beloved by the community.

In conclusion, the cancellation of the advanced choir class will not save the school district any money. The full-time music teacher is teaching the class at this time. Instead, it will deprive us of our education in the performing arts.

Chelsea Schwark, Eighth-grader, Rim Country Middle School

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