Monday Morning Big Band


Seven musicians come together once a week at the Payson Senior Center to perform for the elderly and residents from area care centers.

The Old Tyme Music Makers is comprised of Marvin Boyle on banjo and guitar, Cindy Machen on keyboards, Agnes Peters on vocals and spoons, Willie Mae Treeman on the accordion, Dick Reintjes on harmonica and vocals, Donna Tyrell on drums, and Robert Tarallo on saxophone and clarinet.


Agnes Peters, middle, plays the harmonica while being flanked by other band members of the Old Tyme Music Makers that performs for 90 minutes every Monday at the Payson Senior Center.

The group performs from 9 to 10:30 a.m. every Monday at the Payson Senior Center.

Machen said there is a simple reason why the group continues to perform.

"We do it because we love music," she said.

Machen put out a call for musicians in the Payson area to start the group. Now, the Old Tyme Music Makers also perform at care centers and churches.

She said the group is a lot like a club that plays a lot of gospel and Western music from the 1930s to 1950s.

She said all of the musicians in the group played instruments when they were younger.

Machen is considered the leader of the group because "someone has to put out the music list."

On Monday, she said, they were practicing a new program.

Agnes "Aggie" Peters said she has no formal training and performs by ear, but she has played the harmonica since she was 13.

"And I love to sing," she said. "We grew up singing."

Peters, a former nurse, tries to get people involved in the music by playing the spoons on the hands and shoulders of individuals in the audience.

Peters also said that she got hooked back into music after moving to Payson in 1993.

She said she is just one part of a seven-member group.

"If that band was not backing me up, I would not be (anything)," she said.

Reintjes said he is a self-taught musician who played the harmonica as a child.

"I really get a kick out playing," he said. He is starting to play the Melodica, which is a keyboard instrument that is played by both mouth and fingers.

He has played with the Old Tyme Music Makers for six to seven years.

Robert Tarallo, who has played with the band for four years, still teaches band at Julia Randall Elementary School and Payson Elementary.

"I have played all my life since I was a kid," he said. He mostly plays the clarinet, saxophone and flute.

"I get enjoyment. It's good practice, and I love to play," Tarallo said. "The people that come here like what we play."

Tarallo said the group can play almost any type of music.

Marvin Boyle plays the banjo for the band, and in the past played guitar as well.

Boyle, who has been performing with the group for the past five years, said he enjoys what they do because of the variety in music they play.

"We get into old stuff," Boyle said. "It's a good mindset."

He said his first taste of being a musician occurred when he was about nine years old from his father who was a fiddle player.

He said after learning to play the guitar, he accompanied his father at shows.

When Boyle is not playing music, he is making guitars, which he calls his "retirement hobby."

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