Parks And Recreation Director Deserves Thank You



I think it is high time that the people of Payson call Bill Schwind at Payson Parks and Recreation Department and thank him for the great job he is doing on our behalf.

I worked with Bill for almost 10 years when I was on the Parks and Recreation Board, and to see the results that this man has given the Town of Payson is remarkable. Most of the time, if there are any budget cuts, the first one to get the ax is the Parks and Recreation Department.

It has only been since impact fee money was earmarked for the Parks and Recreation Department that Bill had money to work with. Prior to impact fees, everything that happened was because of the dedication and hard work of Mr. Bill Schwind. Take the time to call him, and thank him for the great job he is doing for the town, our park system, and especially for all the hard work that he has given us over all of his years of service.

Thanks Bill, keep up the great work.

Dave Crowell, Payson

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