Payson Shining Example Of Water Conservation



I am amazed and disheartened by our lack of respect for an element as vital as water in the Sonoran Desert ecosystem. Growing up in Australia, I was used to water restrictions, dirty cars, seeing fines for improper/wasteful use of sprinklers, and an acceptance and understanding of water conservation.

In Arizona, a state that has boomed, it seems the urban sprawl continues and there are no restrictions in sight. The cars remain nicely washed, and the paths and driveways are still being watered. How much longer can this Arizonan complacency last?

Kudos to the Payson town council who mandated that all urinals must be waterless -- our one shining state example. When will others follow? It surely is only a matter of time. I urge all voters to insist their elected representatives focus their time and respect on vital issues, which includes water usage issues and our future supply.

James McCay, Scottsdale

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