Pressure Renzi To Push For Resolution Copper



The Arizona Republic had a very important editorial, "Firm hand needed to guide mining deal," in its Aug. 24 edition.

For those of your readers who didn't see this editorial, it outlines the possible delay of needed Congressional approval necessary for Resolution Copper to proceed with its new copper mine east of Superior.

Rapid progress in the development of the Resolution project is important to all taxpayers in Gila and Pinal counties.

We have already suffered seven or eight years of economic losses because weak and inept support for Carlota Copper so delayed that project that the owners gave up and sold out. If Carlota had proceeded on schedule, we would have had the benefit of from 300 to 400 mining jobs (probably the highest paying industrial work in Arizona) for the last seven or eight years. Plus, we would have had millions of dollars of additional property valuation on our tax books.

We don't want the same unsatisfactory situation to develop in the case of Resolution Copper.

I suggest that every taxpayer (Republican, Democrat, or Independent) who reads this immediately call, e-mail, fax, or write one of Congressman Rick Renzi's offices and tell him you want the Resolution Copper Bill to progress immediately through the House of Representatives, as Senator Jon Kyl has arranged for it to pass the Senate.

According to The Arizona Republic editorial, Representative Renzi is stalling the bill in the House because of the concerns of the San Carlos Apache Tribe. Whether the San Carlos Tribe realizes it or not, they have suffered for the past seven or eight years because Carlota never got started.

We don't want to all suffer again because we miss the bus by allowing Resolution to be delayed ‘til the next session of Congress. God only know who will be in charge then.

To make it clear why operating mines are so important to all taxpayers in an area, consider this.

Greenlee County doesn't have much of anything, except the Phelps-Dodge operations. The average assessed value per capita in Greenlee County is just under $20,000. In Gila County, where we used to have a lot of mines in operation, the assessed value per capita is under $7,000. There is plenty of copper in this area still to be mined, as evidenced by Phelps-Dodge project in Safford to the east, to the Resolution project at Superior.

Let Representative Renzi know, immediately, that this is important to you, because you want operating mines to pick up the slack in your county property taxes, even if you don't live anywhere close to a mine.

Dan Adams, Payson

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