Sheriff's Deputy On The Move From Call To Call


Gila County Sheriff Deputy Jamie Garrett patrols a huge area inside the county on a daily basis.

On Monday night, a Payson Roundup reporter rode with Garrett for more than two hours as she patrolled the highways around the northern part of the county.


Gila County Deputy Jamie Garrett talks with a driver after she observed her driving at night without headlights.

Garrett said she patrols three miles north of Strawberry on Highway 87, and as far east to Young to Mount Ord on the south of Payson.

On Monday night, Garrett first pulled over a vehicle for having a light out on the driver's side. The driver of the Jeep was driving on a suspended license for failure to appear on a speeding ticket in Nogales in 1995.

She informed the driver that she could take him to jail for driving on a suspended license, but instead was going to issue him a citation.

By law, Garrett had to have the Jeep towed away and the GCSO made contact with a friend in Camp Verde who was en route to pick up him and his passenger.

Garrett said she runs a lot of traffic patrol, but on some nights cannot due to the amount of calls she receives.

"We get a wide variety of everything," said the officer who has been with the sheriff's office for more than three years. "We are running from call to call."

The GCSO officer pulled over a pickup in the Bashas' parking lot and issued him a repair order for a missing taillight.

As she finished issuing the repair order, Garrett spotted a vehicle going east on Highway 260 without running its headlights. She drove through the Bashas' parking lot in hopes of cutting that driver off and was successful.

She pulled the driver over in the Safeway parking lot and gave her a warning. The driver was driving with her parking lights on and was unaware her headlights were not on.

Garrett later proceeded to drive eastbound on Highway 260 toward Star Valley when her sergeant asked to meet at her location.

The GCSO had been asked by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office to pick up a Rye woman who had a warrant out for her arrest.

As officers knocked on the woman's trailer door, the suspect exited a neighbor's vehicle to ask what the problem was.

Garrett asked the woman if she was Meghan Moses, and when she replied that that was her, the GCSO officer placed her under arrest on a failure to appear warrant.

Garrett said on a normal night she drives about 150 miles, and added that most of the things she observes are within short distances when leaving the sheriff's office to go out on patrol.

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