Still In Shock About Roadside Memorial Comments



This letter is in reference to the roadside memorial letters that you have been receiving. Although many people have responded to the arrogance and coldheartedness of Ms. Cohen and Ms. Medley, a person can't help but be compelled to write to you, simply because I think people are absolutely in shock that those statements were made.

And just what was Ms. Medley implying regarding the impairment? Was that really necessary? Does it justify what that family has to go through? It is hard enough for a family to deal with a loss, let alone have someone who doesn't know them or who knew the victim pass judgment.

It is not your place. For the safety of others, I ask that you keep opinions such as this to yourself or meet up with each other to discuss it. Because I am sure, like the other readers, as I am driving home tonight, I am going to be much more distracted and disturbed by those negative letters than I will be when I pass by those roadside graves and thank God I have never have to deal with what those people and their families have been through.

Pauline Moore, Pine

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