Vote 'No' On Voter Reward Act


How you feel about the Arizona Voter Reward Act might be a good measure of your level of cynicism.

The proposal to award one voter $1 million by lottery, simply for going to the polls, sounds more like a political comedy sketch than reality, but it was approved for the November ballot.

The engine behind this initiative is 53-year-old Mark Osterloh who is promoting it with the slogan, "Who wants to be a millionaire?"

Well, we all do. But this is cheap and pandering.

And we would like to say that we are not so cynical about our political process as to back this ballot measure.

By pushing the Arizona Voter Reward Act, Osterloh is making a statement about our democracy that is being heard on Jay Leno and David Letterman. CBS and the New York Times have done stories.

But what is that statement? Osterloh is assuming the worst of the American people. He is holding up a mirror, and we are not proud of the reflection.

Osterloh wants people to vote, and he is willing to bribe them to do it.

Meanwhile, we see images of people lining up to vote in Afghanistan and Iraq, some of them putting their own lives in danger to do so. Those images should remind us how powerful the right to vote truly is.

In the past century, women and African-Americans fought for the right to vote in this country.

But only decades later, there are women who can't be bothered to go to the polls.

Are we this spoiled? Are we really so lazy? Have we gotten to the point where we take things for granted that others in the world are fighting to have?

We should be voting out of gratitude, out of civic duty.

While this ballot measure is making us the laughing stock around the country, it should make us reflect.

We should listen to Osterloh's message and go to polls, not for money, but because we love our country and want the best leadership for it.

A "no" vote on the Arizona Voter Reward Act, sends a message that we hear the message and we are reminded that the right to vote is reward enough.

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