What Was The Rush To Hire A Search Firm?



I attended the Monday, Aug. 14, school board meeting and am happy to say that I experienced two members of the school board questioning the process in choosing the search firm PUSD wanted to hire.

Although I'm concerned why we didn't hear presentations and review formal bids from all three search firms mentioned at the meeting, Don Engler and Michael Horton did question the need to rush into PUSD's decision on hiring Search Solutions on the spot.

There was an issue that if the Superintendent search firm expenditure was more than $5,000, PUSD would have to follow a submission process to secure funding. Susan Everhart informed Bobette Sylvester informally during the meeting that Executive Solutions (another firm, not hired) quoted in excess of $5,000.

This immediately eliminated proceeding with Executive Solutions. Sylvester said that the funding submission process could take up to 60 days. School board members Holmes, Hunt and Brown seemed satisfied with this information and voted to proceed with Search Solutions immediately.

What was the rush? A 60-day window put us at Oct. 14. We need a superintendent in place by June 2007. That gives us six to eight months.

Again, it gives the audience a feeling of uncertainty and unease.

I commend Engler and Horton for asking for more information and more time and for not jumping into their decision even though Holmes, Brown and Hunt denied their request.

Angela Lyons, Payson

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