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Q: Is there a place or facility in or near Payson where scrap metals such as steel, aluminum and cast iron, can be taken in to be recycled?

A: The Yard Sale Shop in Rye will accept aluminum cans, copper, brass scrap iron and radiators for recycling. They do not accept steel, cast iron or plastic as it is not cost-effective to recycle.

Paper can be taken to recycling bins in the northeast corner of Wal-Mart.

Q: Why does Payson continue to lack a place to recycle plastic?

A: According to Aug. 26 data from the U.S. Plastic Recycling Index, different varieties of scrap plastic are recycled between 31 and 41 cents per pound in 40,000 pound ‘TL' or truck load quantity weights that have been stacked and sorted.

"Plastic recycling does not pay for itself," said Payson town manager Fred Carpenter.

The garbage collection companies in town are privately run.

Unless a town can run a recycling program with their own garbage collection, recycling programs just don't work anywhere according to Carpenter said.

According to Carpenter, money can be made off of aluminum, the Humane Society's can donation program is an example.

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