Woman Banned From Forum Defends Herself



In the fifth paragraph of your "From the Editor" column published Friday, Aug. 12, you are assuming a lot about me, one of the posters banned from the forum, Pat Randall.

Maybe some people are cowards to say something to one's face, but I can assure you that is one thing I have never been accused of -- ask Richard Haddad, Robert Henley, Tim Fruth, the county attorney Daisy Flores, Jan Barber, Chief Gartner or the town council members who named Deming Park.

Go back and read the posts of your new poster "the cop" and see who is name-calling and attacking. I don't think asking questions is an attack, especially when it concerns money that was spent by the town.

I am not ashamed, humiliated or embarrassed by being banned from the forum, or by anything I have ever posted. No one was forced to respond to my posts.

I started a lot of the threads to get people to think, not all political.

I was the only one to congratulate Silvia, our town clerk on her award.

I asked that the kids who excel have their names printed under their pictures in the paper. The paper can certainly print names under pictures of someone who is living and accused of a crime in another city, not once but twice on the front page, that embarrassed and hurt their family that are members of our community.

Maybe you should have your reporters disseminate more factual information and let the readers form their own opinions.

Pat Randall, Payson

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