Best Candidate Is Standifird



If you were an employer reviewing resumes for the job of justice of the peace, Barry Standifird would surface as the best candidate. His education and experience would stand out, and you would want to make sure that you that had an opportunity to interview him. When the interview was complete you would hire him, not just because of his experience and education but because your interview would convince you that he is the best person for the job of justice of the peace.

Being a justice of the peace is not only about mercy or about running a smooth court, it's about applying the law in a fair and just manner. It's about protecting the rights of the accused and protecting the public from criminals. The justice of the peace must know the law to protect us and to secure the rights of the individuals.

While it has been said that the justice of the peace serves as judge over the common man's court, the truth is that our local judge rules on matters of law. The justice of the peace will set a standard of acceptable behavior for our community while insuring that the government does not violate your rights. Do not underestimate the value or importance of this position in our society.

Barry is a good man, I know that and my family knows that. His ethics and credibility are beyond reproach. He will take a stand and stay the course because it is who he is. I am voting for Barry Standifird and so should you.

Nancy Gartner, Payson

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