Don't Dial And Drive



I grow more and more concerned and frustrated watching people weave all over the road while trying to dial their cell phones. Further, some are smoking cigarettes while talking on the phone. Just how many hands do we need to drive? I figure at least one. They seem to be unconscious of the danger they pose to other drivers. As if that wasn't bad enough, I saw a cell phone genius here in Payson with a dog sitting on his lap while driving. Cute? Hardly. If a collision happens and the airbag deploys, he will have a face full of dead dog. What the heck are you people thinking?

Driving is a dangerous task that requires our complete attention. This is especially true for new drivers and the elderly. If a parent allows their teenager to talk on the cell phone while driving, they are putting them in one of the most dangerous situations of their life. Research has shown that a 20-year-old on a cell phone has the reflexes of a 70-year-old; 70-year-olds on a cell phone have the reflexes of a ham sandwich.

Recent studies have shown that drivers talking on the cell phone have more accidents than drunk drivers. Additionally, they are four times more likely to have an injury accident. Thousands in this country will die this year because of these careless distracted drivers.

Freedom is for the well behaved and the harmless. Drivers using cell phones are neither. Some insurance companies are entertaining the idea of not paying accident claims if the driver is found to have been using the cell phone. That seems fair to me. Let's push for a law that makes it a crime to drive while using a cell phone with a punishment that truly discourages this irresponsible practice.

Hang up and drive!

G.R. Bossert, Pine

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