Heroes Succeed With Support



Just like Ms. Doughterty, I am a former Payson High School English teacher (five years tenure) who was distressed by the letter from the student criticizing the PHS teachers. This student apparently felt that he could not support Mr. Sandoval without bashing the PHS teachers. I would like to suggest that, in the future, he continue to support those heroes he encounters in his life without feeling he must put others down in the process. I am glad that he felt Mr. Sandoval added to his education; I also feel strongly that Mr. Sandoval was able to accomplish this only in connection with a strong faculty, and I know the faculty at PHS to be strong, capable, and fully student oriented. I also know that challenge and motivation must come as much or more from within the student as it does from the teacher to the student.

No teacher manages to develop equally effective techniques or strength of rapport with each and every one of the 150-plus students who go through his/her classroom every year. The beauty of the secondary system is the opportunity for students to meet and work with a variety of teaching styles; that is the way the world works. We all hope that every student has that one or two teachers who become heroes.

Kate Moore, Manhattan, Kan.

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