Keep Your Smoke To Yourself



As new residents of Payson, (six months), we moved here partly because of the clean air as advertised. It's great to be on one of three places in the world with such pure, breathable air. Why muck it up? As one who dabbled with cigarettes a little in my teen years, I found I didn't really need or want them. They were expensive at 20 cents a pack back then. As a California native, I have seen the transition from "smoking is OK to no more smoking here." You used to be able to smoke even in grocery stores and the like. That all changed with some disgruntled persons who needed to be reminded to park their butts outside. Later it was expanded to restaurants and even bars. They all thought that they would go out of business, few if any did. If you walk the beaches today in southern California, most cities have banned smoking because of the pollution of filters strewn all over the sand. Now you can be fined or evicted if you smoke on the balcony of your apartment if a neighbor complains.

I don't care if you smoke, its your life and lungs we are talking about. Just don't blow your stinky, bacteria-filled breath in my face. I like to enjoy a meal and taste the food without having to gasp for clean air. Those of you who have to have a smoke as you get out of bed, with that first cup of coffee, after each meal, and last at bedtime can do as you will. Just do it where it does not bother those of us don't need our want your mouth refuse on us. Try not smoking for a week and them see how much better your food tastes, your hair and clothes won't reek of unwanted stench, and you can take a deep breath without hacking your lungs out.

If Arizona enacts a nonsmoking law, it won't be the first state, and won't be the last state. I would allow smoking in bars, casinos and pool halls as that is where and why smokers congregate. You should have some places to enjoy your suds and soot with your buds and enjoy your favorite brand, just not in my face.

Thank God you can't any longer smoke on planes. We had been on airplanes years ago where we were in the "nonsmoking" section. Just two rows ahead of the smokers. That invisible curtain was a useless joke, gasp. Now it is a federal crime to smoke or tamper with smoke detectors on commercial aircraft. I haven't seen any deaths on long flights because some could not light up. Please get with the times and show your kids that it is a dirty habit you like and not a cool thing for them to do. I hope that I have not offended too many of you, I just want you to know how I feel about a crucial, upcoming issue.

Dave Corrasa, Payson

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