Little Is The Obvious Choice



It's become very obvious, after reading the articles and listening to all of the candidates, who is the right choice for justice of the peace. We need a judge who knows the job, and knows the town -- a person who is knowledgeable and fair.

I have no doubts that all of the candidates are good at what they do, that's why Dan Hill has been a furniture salesman for seven years, and Barry Standifird has been an attorney for 11 years, and Dorothy Little has been with the courts for 19 years. During her time in the courts, Dorothy Little has served as a pro tem judge under now-retired Judge Ronnie McDaniel.

The candidates work where they work and have chosen to have the career they have for a reason. I don't believe that the other two candidates can fill the shoes of the current judge; that is why Judge Dorothy Little is the only choice for justice of the peace. Vote to keep the best. Vote Judge Little.

Cindy Schnepp, Payson

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