Standifird Has Uncompromising Ethics



I am writing this letter in support of Barry Standifird for justice of the peace.

I have known Barry for six years and consider him a great friend. During this time I have had the opportunity to observe Barry in many capacities. I have watched him as has worked with our youth in the scouting program and with different church groups. He has demonstrated to me, as well as others in the community, that he has the skillful ability to relate to the youth as well as their parents. He is always positive and brings out the best in others.

I have heard him give public addresses and found him to be very articulate as well as intelligent and witty. He has the ability to analyze a situation/problem and determine the best course of action in a short period of time. He has vast experience in every court system in the county. I think many would agree with me that Barry has uncompromising ethics. Some would say that this is the most important attribute for a justice of the peace to have. I would surely agree with them. I am voting for Barry because he is fair, honest, intelligent, experienced, educated, has uncompromising ethics, and he has a great sense of humor. Please join me and vote for Barry Standifird for justice of the peace.

Milo Durfee, Payson

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