Standifird Is Most Qualified



This past Sunday evening, after Scout Committee meeting, Cliff Potts and I spent some time on his porch, enjoying the cool weather, and engaged in the time-honored practice of "shooting the breeze." The topic was the election for justice of the peace. Cliff pointed out that Payson was enjoying a rare treat, an election where there were "no bad choices."

All of the candidates have deep roots in the Payson community. All of them are basically honest, hard-working people. All of them are technically qualified for the position they seek. How, then, are we to choose which candidate to vote for? We plan for the future, rather than react to current events.

The unfortunate truth is that the JP is going to face increasingly difficult legal problems. As Payson grows, so will the frequency and variety of crimes. We are a small town now, and will be facing big town problems in the future.

We already see an increase in big-town crimes (drug-related, etc.) Who, among all the candidates will be best suited to handle the more complex legal issues?

Payson needs the Justice of the Peace to be the candidate with the best legal training, and the most experience dealing with a variety of legal issues in a variety of court settings. The recent debates have shown us who carries the most legal weight and logic. Barry Standifird's ads say it all, "The Most Qualified Candidate."

Barry already has my vote, please add yours as well.

Mac Feezor, Payson

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