Star Valley Residents Urged To Participate



I was not raised in a barn. I was fortunate to have loving parents who taught me Christian values, respect for one another and most of all integrity. I have five brothers, no sisters, all treated me with respect. Since everyone is tooting their horn, I guess I will, too. I do this in spite of my desire to keep a low profile. I have two master's degrees. I taught at the junior college for 10 years. My family had a successful business in manufacturing medical devices. My brother was owner and president. I know what it is to be part of the board of directors. I've seen what clients do with business cards.

Payson is so lucky to have a mayor who has knowledge and experience, and he is sincerely working in and for the best interests of Payson. He shows respect for all council members. I've attended the Payson council meetings and I am very impressed. I urge the citizens of Payson to work with your mayor, attend the meetings, and you will have a bright future.

Sadly, our mayor finds it difficult to accept correction and opinions other than his own. I will allow the mayor to have his way with the seal, logo, letterhead and business cards. I do this for the best interests of the citizens of Star Valley, we must be diligent and set our priorities. Now, the ball is in your home court.

I am only one vote and it would be great if all the council members were their own person and expressed their views. I urge you, my friends and neighbors, attend the council meetings and town hall meetings and try to separate spin from fact.

I am proud of all of you here in Star Valley. You now have a voice in your government.

Try to get all the information about each agenda item. Think about the Resolution R06-18 concerning the franchise agreement with Brooke Utilities Inc. Get as much information as you can, talk with the folks in Pine about Brooke. Will this franchise be counterproductive to Mayor Edwards' proposal?

I will continue to the best of my ability to work in a cooperative manner and work for the best interests of Star Valley.

Mary Ann Kotelnicki, Council Member of Star Valley

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