Stop Giving Arms Money



This letter was submitted to the Budgeteer prior to the last presidential election, but it didn't get published for some unknown reason.

Mr. Bush: You gave $10-billion to Israel recently, like your father did in the Gulf War. This is on top of the billions we give Israel each year out of our military budget. What is this money to be used for? A rabbi in New York said this money doesn't go to the Israeli people, but it goes to support their army. The sad thing is, it makes us part of the Israeli-Palestine conflict/problems, and, of course, this also make us enemies of the Arab world.

It may be fair to the Israelis, but it sure isn't fair to the American people, to be put into this fear mode by this situation we're in. That kind of money equals $3-million for every man, woman and child in the country of Israel.

Israel wants to be a major world oil producer and our government still gives them these billions of dollars each year. One little thing we can do is stop this giving them arms money.

Leo J. Willemarck, Payson

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