Christmas Comes Early For Payson Man


David Frohme is well-known to many longtime residents of the Rim Country. He has been active in the Special Olympics program for years and is one of its global messengers.

He also does work for many residents and helps at the Rim Country Middle School.


David Frohme is celebrating Christmas early this year. Through the generosity of friends and strangers, he was able to pay for a much-needed $1,000 car repair.

Frohme is a conscientious worker and makes a special effort to take care of his vehicle. He budgets for regular maintenance and the occasional extra repair, but when his engine blew up because of a radiator problem, he was hard-pressed to find the extra money needed for such a major repair.

That's when the community stepped in to help out a man who is always willing to help others.

"This is a wonderful community," Frohme said.

"I especially want to thank Dean Pedersen and Kristi Ford for all they did to help me get my car fixed."

He said he has a strong support system and has also received help from Rim Guidance Center.

"I used to go through lots of counseling, but I have come a long way and learned good money management and living skills," he said.

"I have learned that those who help themselves, other people will help."

Frohme said he thinks he has become a good role model because of his hard work ethic. He said, he is always on time and always enthusiastic about whatever job he is doing.

"I work with a smile on my face," Frohme said.

He added he does any job that needs to be done, from housework to landscaping.

In addition to helping at the middle school, he also likes helping senior citizens.

And he is devoted runner, putting in about 2.5 miles every day.

"I want to keep in shape for Special Olympics," he said.

His next competition is in February in Flagstaff where he will participate in the snowshoeing event.

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