Red Will Rule Fiesta Bowl


The Sooners and Broncos are matched to play in the Fiesta Bowl Jan. 1. There was a mention of the Broncos last week on something I was listening to that predicted that as an undefeated team, they should be invited to participate in one of the bowl games.

And so they were.

As reputation goes, the Broncos of Idaho's Boise State University are underdogs, as well as an unknown quantity.

The Oklahoma University Sooners are a legend -- at least in the mind of most misplaced Okies like me (and all my relatives, misplaced, displaced, disgraced or otherwise).

We have no personal connection to OU. No one attended college there. Most of them went to Central State University (then College) in Edmund, Okla.

So, it is a family obligation of sorts -- or maybe genetics -- to support the Sooners. I have even taken it so far as to buy a couple of Sooner pennants from e-Bay.

I will not take it so far as to go to the actual game. The views on television are much better than I could ever afford to pay to see in person.

Come Jan. 1, Fox will glow from my television all day.

As for the legend, I was surprised when a co-worker asked me what a "sooner" was. When Oklahoma was opened for settlement in the land runs of the late 1800s, there were "pioneers" who didn't wait for the opening day on the land they wanted. They went in early, to get there "sooner" than the other guys.

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