Bush, Cheney Should Be Held Accountable



There's a slight glimmer of hope. Voters rejected the terrible path that America has been on since Bush chose his bogus war. Maybe now, Congress will perform its legal and moral duty to investigate, impeach and imprison Bush and Cheney for the crime of "Conspiracy to Defraud the United States of America." Maimed soldiers and families of dead soldiers should, at the very least, be paid financial restitution for their losses resulting from Bush's and Cheney's despicable fiasco in Iraq. The monies can be paid from the profits of Halliburton and the oil companies, and from the Bush and Cheney family wealth.

I'm sure a world court would find Bush and Cheney guilty of war crimes against humanity and sentence them to death.

Bush and Cheney are hypocritical, loathsome warmongers, who, when they had the chance to be warriors during Vietnam, turned and ran. They shouldn't be allowed now to run from what they've done.

America must hold these "leaders" accountable and punish them, because if we don't, we tell our fellow human beings in the world that America approves of what Bush and Cheney did.

Jim Kane, Pine

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