'Look Back' About British Military Position In U.S. Incorrect



In your Look Back section on Nov. 21, you state that Britain's last military position in the United States was ended on Nov. 25, 1783 by the Paris Peace Treaty (and ratified by Congress on Jan. 14, 1784.)

I guess the people in Detroit were mighty surprised in 1812 when the British took control of their city. Also, in 1814, perfidious Albion burned the Capitol and the White House. All of this while Francis Scott Key was writing the words to "The Star Spangled Banner." Not to mention General Andrew Jackson and his victory in the Creek Indian War (1813-1814) in Alabama.

And finally, there was the Battle of New Orleans where the British had more than 2,000 casualties and the U.S. lost 71.

I hope that hundreds of our students noticed this unintentional error and have written to you concerning it. Thank you for your attention.

Richard A. Bowers, Payson

Editor's note: The Look Back Bowers refers to read, "Nov. 25, 1783: Nearly three months after the Treaty of Paris was signed ending the American Revolution, the last British soldiers withdraw from New York City, their last military position in the United States."

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