Property Rights The Basis Of All Rights



I, Marie Petroff, made the attached presentation to the Gila Country Board of Supervisors. Joe Sanchez and Shirley Dawson were present in Globe. Tommie Cline Martin was teleconferenced in from Payson.

  • Congressional Law provides that the Federal land management agencies must coordinate all planning and management actions with County government.
  • County coordination is critical for the protection of ranching, mining, timber, business and private property rights.
  • The Coordinating Counties program is citizen's participation in the establishment and operation of county coordination systems.

Sixteen citizens of Gila County attended in support of the coordinated county policy. Present were representatives from Gila County Cattle Growers, People of the West, Payson Retirees, Young Public School, Young Public Library, Young Baptist Church, Pleasant Valley Community Council, Pleasant Valley Historical Society, Citizens for a Better Young, First Presbyterian Church and many other ranchers, business and private property owners.

The heart of the session was 12 excellent presentations from supporters who spoke in support of this needed policy.

The sentiments expressed by each were:

  • Property rights are the basis of all rights.
  • Federal land use planning dictates use of our property.
  • We want Gila County to champion the inalienable property rights of their citizens by taking their rightful place at the planning and management table with the federal land management agencies.

Significant progress was made. Chairman Joe Sanchez appointed county resources to work on the policy, and the promise that the supervisors will vote to adopt the policy as soon as the analysis and recommendations are completed.

Please contact your county supervisor if you wish to participate in the Citizens County Coordination Steering Committee when the coordination program is adopted.

Jim and Marie Petroff, Young

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