Still Disturbed By Cat Killing Story



My family and I are fairly new to the Payson community. I'm not normally the type to write Letters to the Editor, but after reading one of the front page stories titled, "Pet Owners outraged after brutal cat killing spree," I felt compelled to write this letter. My wife and I were horrified to hear of this killing spree. After reading the letter, my wife started to cry, thinking, "What if this was one of our pets?" It is the type of story that is hard to get out of my head.

I think everyone in our community needs to be "outraged." My children are grown now, and I'm thankful they are not attending Payson High School with these type of boys. The video shown at school of the teens killing a cat was particularly disturbing.

The editor's comment that this is "sociopathic" behavior is absolutely correct. I hope the high school is taking the necessary steps, possibly even expulsion, to make these teens and their parents realize the seriousness of this situation.

I also challenge the other students to come forward with any additional information they have about the boys' behavior. This type of thing cannot be tolerated.

Our sympathies go out to the families who lost their pets. The Garners' story was very moving. It is hard enough to lose a pet to old age or illness, but to have one taken from you in such a cruel, brutal manner is quite another thing.

The boy's excuse for killing Moggie was that he thought it "looked" like a feral cat. Well, from the interview, it is obvious that he was not feral, but a loved companion. He was just an easy target for a boy who obviously has no respect or value for life.

Even if Moggie had been feral what right did this boy have to kill any cat?

The article mentions that Ms. Rogers has taken in feral cats, some of which are now missing. The only reason there are feral cats is because people do not spay or neuter their cats. I admire Ms. Rogers for taking care of these homeless animals and spending her own money to spay and neuter them.

Every cat we have ever owned was a stray, homeless and just needed a chance in life. Each one -- once adopted, spayed or neutered -- turned out to be a wonderful and treasured pet.

I urge the police, courts, school officials and Payson Humane Society to take all the necessary steps to see that these boys' evil acts are stopped.

J. Webb, Payson

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