Tonto Village Decorated For Christmas



Tonto Village is gearing up for the Christmas holidays by going all out, decorating their homes with various colored lights and the ever-popular inflatable decorations on the ground and some even on the roofs.

Take some time in the next few weeks to take a tour of all the homes that look so festive.

The retail stores in Payson are full to overflowing at all times of the day. In some places, it is difficult to find a parking spot.

I did a bit of shopping this week, and I was overwhelmed by the crowd of people and vehicle traffic on a Tuesday afternoon. I would imagine that the retailers are ecstatic by the volume of business that is being transacted in the stores. All of this is good for the economy of Payson.

At my favorite bank, the National Bank, there is a Salvation Army Angel Tree and a box for the Humane Society. Please leave a donation for each one of these organizations as you do your banking business.

All of the donations stay in Payson.

New Neighbor

Tonto Village grew a bit more in the past week. Megan Walker and her children have purchased the log-sided double-wide on lot #27 recently.

Megan tells me that she had lived here before a few years back and has returned. Welcome, Megan.

Get Well Wishes

It surely has been the time for operations in the village. Rita Spalink has undergone outpatient surgery on her shoulder this week and Pam Furobotten has returned home after knee surgery and rehab at the Payson Care Center. Alice Andreas of Tonto Village III is doing just fine after a colonoscopy last week. A speedy recovery to all of you.


Word was received of the passing away of Shelly Hansen after a long battle with cancer. Shelly's husband Dale had been a resident of Tonto Village a few years back. Recently, they resided at the state highway yard near Colcord Road. Our prayers and condolences are with Dale and all of Shelly's family. Shelly will be missed.

Tonto Village Fire District

The fire board meeting on Dec. 13 will start at 6 p.m. at the fire station. The newly elected member of the board, Rick Washburn will be at this meeting in his capacity of fire board member. Mark your calendar for this important meeting.

Fire Chief Alliger stresses the importance of checking your driver's license to make sure that your lot number is not on your license. The police department will not accept it as a viable address. A physical address or a post office box is accepted. Check your license today. It is most likely a warning will be issued the first time, but then there could be a fine issued.

Chief Alliger also wants to remind all Tonto Village residents that the ordinance for not parking in the streets is now in effect as of Nov. 1. There is to be no parking on any of the streets in the Village and fines can be issued. The Gila County snowplows will not plow your street if there are vehicles parked in the street.

The Jones family, Eddie and Clare are jumping for joy this week. Their son Marcel will be home for a two-week leave from being overseas in Iraq. They will be picking Marcel up from the airport today. Welcome home to you, I am sure that all of your family and friends will be glad to see you.


John Haulot, who was a longtime resident of the Village, will add another candle to his birthday cake this week on Dec. 8. John has moved to Tonto Basin but does come up to the Village occasionally. John's wife, "Flo," will have her big day on Dec. 14.

Jeff Shaw of Tonto Village III will celebrate his big day on Dec. 12. Carol Fulp of Tonto Village II, adds another candle on Dec. 13. John Digman of Tonto Village I also celebrates his big day on Dec. 14. Duane Long of the Long Ranch near Meads Ranch also adds another candle on that day. Fire Chief J.R. Alliger will be celebrating his big day on Dec. 15. Happy birthday to one and all.

Pool Results

The nine-ball pool tournament was played at the Double D this past Tuesday evening and Kara Shaw of Tonto Village III was the top winner. Sue Prach and Jessica Fitch shot for second and third place.

Cliff Landrum is back in fine form for the Sunday eight-ball tournament when he shot for first place. Harvey Poyner and Joe Ferreira shot for second and third places. Congratulations to all the winners.

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