Town Staff Have Plan In Place For Snow Removal



This winter, the Town of Payson Street Department will again be following the Town's "Snow Removal Policy" when removing snow from the roadways. Normally, snow removal is initiated by the police department when officers feel the roadways need to be plowed in order to maintain safety. This is usually done when there is an accumulation of two to four inches remaining on the pavement.

At that time, the Street Department begins to follow our priority routes for snow removal.

The first priority for snow removal is to provide access to the emergency service centers. This includes the Payson Police Department, fire department, hospital and ambulance. The first priority also includes major roadways such as Main Street, Airport Road, McLane Road and Easy Street.

The second priority is to remove the snow from all the collector roads in town such as Tyler Parkway and Granite Dells Road. These streets may be cleared twenty-four hours a day, if necessary.

The third priority is the airport and remaining residential streets.

The fourth priority is private roadways that allow public access. Snow removal on these streets is done during daylight hours only.

The Town does not perform snow removal activities within any gated communities.

The Arizona Department of Transportation performs snow removal on state highways 87 and 260. In rare instances, the Town assists ADOT with sanding operations.

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