Business Makes Your Cell Phone Ring With Some 'Bling'


Tracy Carmean, owner of the Rim Country Pet Salon, is branching out. She and her sister, Terri Kingrey of Phoenix, have started a business together. They now "bling" out cell phones or any other item a customer wants to sparkle.

The duo uses Swarovski crystals to "bling out" your item or sell you any one of a variety of kits to do it yourself. The kits are complete with the design pattern, instructions, crystals and glue.

Although there is a good selection to choose from, the sisters are continually adding new ones and will take custom orders if a customer has a special design in mind.

Carmean "blinged out" a few phones as gifts for friends and was thrilled to see how much they loved the treatment.

"Not only is it hard to take your eyes off of it with all the glitter and shine, it also personalizes your phone and gives it character," she said. "It's amazing how much attention it draws, believe it or not, from both men and women. Although the men weren't thinking of getting a phone done for themselves, they commented on how their wives would absolutely love it. The "bling" thing is really catching on and becoming quite popular. With Christmas right around the corner it makes for a thoughtful and unique gift that is seen and enjoyed every day. I, personally, could never go back to a plain phone."

With cell phones coming in different sizes, the prices for having them decorated on both sides range from $150 to $300. Covers or faceplates are provided if customers don't want the crystals glued directly onto the phone. Carmean said the crystals will stay on. She knows from experience, having dropped her own phone numerous times.

The kits provide a less expensive alternative, ranging in price from $29.99 to $79.99. Carmean will also sell small packages of individual crystals for those interested in freehand decorating. The 100-stone package is $9.99.

Customers may see examples of the sisters' work at Rim Country Cellular, Rim Country Pet Salon, and in the future, at Payson Feed Store. Visit their Web site,, or call (928) 978-4979, (928) 474-2100 or (623) 330-7116.

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