Investigation Of Animal Killings Needed



This letter is regarding the recent beating and killings of animals by local youth. We know that most murderers start by killing animals as youth and then some proceed to further acts of violence.

Our small Rim Country towns have been free of this type of violence for so many years. We need to find the underlying reasons for these horrible acts and be prepared to help resolve these issues. It would be beneficial if we could have a thorough investigation into these senseless killings of animals and those responsible for these senseless acts be dealt with through our judicial system.

Please help us keep our towns safe for human and animals alike.

Concerned citizens of Pine and Strawberry:

Willene Smith

Dorothy L. Horton

Geraldine A. Gillmore

Alice D. Wilson

Mary Ann Clinton

Mave Vance

Linda Rainey

Marcia Hampshire

Elsie Wait

Elizabeth Ann James

Arlene Hancock

G. E. Rainey

Clinton J. Wilson

Jean Vogel

Brenda Wright

Paula Coplan

Ken Coplan

John G. Markel

Walt Smith

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