Left Out Of Lighting Contest, Come See Us Anyway



'Twas three weeks before Christmas

and at the Phillips' place

Their hearts were all broken

It's such a disgrace.

The lights were all up,

the best yet, I must say.

But our spirits have been


by the news we got today.

My husband always decorates big,

last year his efforts took third.

So being a bit competitive, our

creative ambition was spurred.

An extra year of planning,

help from family,

and buying more lights.

We made sure to start extra


and now it's a beautiful sight.

We've been anxiously awaiting the paper

the last couple of weeks

Only to find out, this year,

we're not eligible to compete.

My husband is disappointed,

but says,

"That's really not the point to


I say, "Yeah ... But to pay the

electric bill,

we could use that prize


So, although the judges say

it's too far for them to drive.

For that warm and fuzzy Christmas feel

we invite the rest of you to come by.

We're located in friendly Star


that town not far away.

Follow these directions

and you can find the way.

Just a wee bit past the Lamplighter

you'll make a right.

Most of you know it,

the street is Moonlight.

Not quite a mile,

on a street to your left,

You'll see a giant peace sign,

and you'll figure out the rest.

So get in the car,

put on your holiday tunes,

and come see how we say,

"Merry Christmas to you."

The Phillips family: Tone, Raylene, Tierney, and River, Star Valley

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