Lyme Disease Article Showed Danger Of New Guidelines



I first want to thank the Payson Roundup for publishing the article concerning the plight of those of us with Lyme disease.

There are so many things that need to be done so that we, as patients, get the care we need to get back "on our feet."

The latest involves the right to be treated so we can recover and/or, at least, be treated and function.

The new IDSA guidelines call for the reliance of the rash that only 40 percent of people get and recognize as Lyme disease or a positive serologic blood test which is difficult to get with the spirochetes hiding in our bodies.

That means that more people will go without a proper diagnosis and will eventually develop chronic Lyme disease and probably go on disability, suffer with the symptoms and die young. This includes children who are born to parents with misdiagnosed Lyme disease who will enter this world and know only the suffering from Lyme disease.

I would say to you that if you had an illness that you know there is treatment for, so that you can gain back all or some of your quality of life, would you like that taken away from you? Would you like to prevent a lifetime of pain for yourself, your family and your friends?

Please consider going to the Lyme Disease Association and sign a petition that will help our future generations. Here's that Web site: It's very easy to do and takes only a minute or two.

Ann Prow, Payson

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