What's Up?


Q: In a recent edition of the Roundup I noticed that you published an ad for holiday shopping in Phoenix. Right next to it was an ad to shop in Payson. I was surprised to see that the paper was pushing to shop in Phoenix when we should support our local businesses. Why do you run these ads?

A: That particular ad was purchased by an advertising agency working for a Phoenix-based Web site promoting holiday shopping.

"Occasionally, we do receive ads from out-of-town businesses like hotel/ticket packages for sporting events, shopping and concerts, the train rides at the Grand Canyon, or other Arizona tourist attractions," said Roundup publisher Richard Haddad. "Like any Rim Country business, we don't refuse to sell our products to someone just because they are from out of town, but we do not solicit these ads. Our loyalty will always be to the local businesses that have helped us provide Rim Country's hometown newspaper for 70 years."

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