Father/Son Hunt Comes After Years Of Waiting



Sometimes good things are worth the wait, and Brad Meyocks, owner of Four Corners Concrete, has been waiting nine years to draw a mule deer tag in Unit 13-B. In each of those previous years, he would put in for the lottery draw only to be turned down and earn another bonus point for the next year's drawing. This was his year. In 2006, he was one of 70 lucky hunters out of 7,000 who wanted a tag for this prestigious unit which holds world class mule deer.

His son, Brad Jr. also drew a tag in the neighboring unit of 13-A. This became a very unique father-son hunt on the Arizona strip, which is north of the Grand Canyon and bordering Utah. It is no easy task to get to these hunting units. It required a roundabout trip to St. George, Utah, then back into Arizona.


Before leaving for the hunt, Brad Sr. spoke to a longtime friend on possible locations to scout before the season began. The father-son team spent a full week looking for big deer or big tracks and settled on a location that had required hundreds of miles of driving and hiking, and hours of glassing.

There are not many places in Arizona we can still call remote, but the Arizona strip country qualifies. They were out of cell phone service for over two weeks and television could not be watched.

As I talked to both father and son, I had a true feeling that they really enjoyed each other's company on the hunt and the camping experience away from civilization.

As children grow into young adults with their own responsibilities, this kind of big-game hunt gives a father and a son time together in a pastime they both enjoy. Hunting the Arizona strip in some of the best mule deer country in the West was that special time for Brad Sr. and Brad Jr. The extra bonus was that both were able to shoot real wall-hangers that will be fond memories and stories for later family get-togethers.

This weekend enjoy God's creation with family.

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