Why Does Supervisor Defend The Status Quo?



According to an article on Nov. 21, Supervisor Shirley Dawson is upset because she feels that our two community college board representatives are too critical of the way the Payson campus is treated.

She said, "I just want to chastise the two gentlemen. You represent Gila Community College, not just Payson." She also said Crowley and Stephenson must stop the "criticism, criticism and criticism."

Why does Shirley continually defend the status quo and Eastern Arizona College's running of our college? Why do we hear from Shirley when community college issues are raised? You represent the Board of Supervisors, not the college. The Board of Supervisors has nothing to do with running the college.

Northern Gila County elected those two gentlemen to do just what they are doing -- represent the voters who elected them. She said, "Until I hear that a class is not being offered, I do not want to hear the criticism."

It wouldn't matter if you did hear criticism, Shirley. You would do nothing about it.

Northern Gila County taxpayers are being shortchanged by Eastern Arizona College. Don Crowley and Larry Stephenson have the data to prove it. All Dawson has is her loyalty to Eastern Arizona College and her misguided intent. She doesn't understand the operation of a community college. She doesn't care to help fix problems, and her love of everything EAC has blinded her to the needs of Northern Gila County.

In the meantime, let Mr. Crowley and Dr. Stephenson do the job we elected them to do without criticizing them for the same things she does every day on the Board of Supervisors -- represent the people who elected her.

Martin N. Ganz, Ed.D.


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