Arts And Crafts Guild Does A Lot For Community



On behalf of the volunteers of the Pine/Strawberry Food Bank, I want to thank the Pine/Strawberry Arts and Crafts Guild for their generous gift to the Food Bank to be used as necessary.

Also, on behalf of the Pine/Strawberry Fire Department, I want to thank them for their generous gift to purchase an automatic blood pressure monitor for use in one of the ambulances. I don't know how many people know how much the Arts and Crafts Guild help the people in our area. However, they donate all the proceeds, after costs, to various organizations in Pine and Strawberry.

It is my understanding that they donated over $8,000 this year, a phenomenal amount for this small group of individuals who work diligently to put on three festivals each year.

In addition, the festivals help all businesses in the area through people coming in to Pine and spending money at the various stores and restaurants.

Thank you, you wonderful people, for the good you do for Pine and Strawberry.

Sue Montgomery, Strawberry

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